Just in case if you are interested in what she's been upto..

Somthing new and lovely in the house. Something to appreciate and enjoy everyday. 사실 내가 가진 모든것에 감사하고있. がんばれ.

Begin Again OST (Deluxe Version) - Full Album  

Looking forward to seeing it this coming Saturday!

A Unique Stoneware Coffee Press from Muuto & Mette Duedahl.

The problem with the French press is you always break the glass part but this one you probably can keep it forever! (Plus it looks good!)

Happy 35th Anniversary. Thx guys for loving and cherishing each other. (And no worries. You both look still young and handsome!)

“The Sound of COS” by dutch experimental artists Lernert & Sander

It is brilliant! 역시 COS!
(And 더치s are super crazy in my personal opinion;)

Salt Surf, A New York based surf company with the shaper from Cali.

Seems like they’ve got a good sense of design and all.
(And Love the name, salt surf!)

Letting someone go in the heart is the sacrifice not for yourself but for that person’s better brigher happier future. Or not.

A new design guest house, Hotel SP34 @ Copenhagen
Anyone who enjoys Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn or Ace Hotel in Soho must enjoy this one as well.

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Freunde von Freunden Mixtape #74 by Nick Forsberg & LVNCE

Something to enjoy b4 summer ends!

Kinfolk global event, L’esprit de la Mer


Great location, Amazing food, Awesome host+guests.

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