Just in case if you are interested in what she's been upto..

'Kitties that groom their human by licking your skin or hair, or even nibbling or sucking on your clothing, indicates great affection. This spreads familiar scent and helps mark you as an important part of her/his family group.'

Pretty much same as what people do.

Joel Tudor, the jazz and NYC…

…stuff I need today.

제대로 묘사하지 못하고 제대로 설명하지 못한 안타까움

What is Quintessential? Find out in The Line – an online editorial and e-commerce space co-launched by Vanessa Traina.

“The Apartment”, the offline counterpart of the luxury e-tailer, located on Green Street in the SoHo district of downtown New York.

The Bridge : Oscar-Winner Fisher Stevens Narrates an Homage to the Poetic Landmark on New York’s East River

+ Can’t believe that I’ve never walked on the bridge the whole time I was there.
+ Don’t forget to check out Harrison Boyce’s other works.
+ The mind and body should be a bit less correlated for the sake of one’s being.

Never blame anyone in life

Good people give you happiness.
Bad people give you experience.
Worst people give you a lesson, and
Best people give you memories.

득템 from last week. Summer is half way passed. Hope this upcoming winter is warm enough for all.

Blurred in dreams. Something gray, blue is all I remember.

Russian Mother, Elena Shumilova using her Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and a 135mm lens to shot her two sons with animals on her farm.


"She’s highly emotional, that one."

"All the good ones are."

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